Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

International and national transportation of goods and logistics

In a globalised world and with businesses and customers located in all the four corners of the world, it is essential to have a good transportation and logistics supplier and partner.

Truck agents and representatives, goods warehouses and even buses are all important services in the context of transportation and logistics to ensure that your goods reach their destinations in optimal condition.

For long distance transport, or international transport, whether it’s cargo or passenger transportation, it is important to ensure that all legal and logistical requirements are handled by a specialist, for example, by a shipping agent if the good are travelling outside the EEA (European Economic Area) or by a transportation agency.

If the method of transportation is not road and you opt to ship your cargo by air, using air transport, you should ensure that you are aware of the other services which you may require, such as goods shipping, exporters and importers, handling, freight forwarding or charter flights. If it is a sea route, you must consider the fact that you may require the services of shipping companies, shipping containers, boats, port operators, ports, shipping transportation companies or even airline representatives.

A goods warehouse or other storage solutions should be taken into account as they are always very important for all long-haul transport and for transporting cargo under special conditions.