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Are you looking for ideas for a holiday with a difference? Looking for leisure activities for the holidays or to occupy your free time? Are you looking for other activities to escape from your wearing daily routine? You'll find answers to all your questions here.

Here, too, you'll find the best selection of accommodation; you can choose flats, hotels, country hotels, hostels and camp sites. From Minho to the Algarve by way of Alentejo, the best selection of accommodation for self-catering holidays or adventure holidays is here. If you need transportion, there is no lack of choice: you can hire a bicycle, a car or even a camper van and set off wherever your fancy takes you. If your destination is more remote, we have air transport solutions too - airports and airlines. If you are heading for a maritime destination, you can gather information here about the best pleasure boats or the best cruise to take. If even then the choice is still difficult, you can choose a travel and tourism agency to help you decide, help you with the logistics or even help you to choose the ideal destination. Everything for open-air leisure activities and contact with nature is here. Have a picnic in a public park or extend your world of botanical knowledge in a nature park. Dare to board the most perilous roller coaster ride in an amusement park. If you want even more adrenaline and speed, take the risk of trying a challenging go-kart race. To relax in the evening, you can go to a casino and have a game for fun or to have a great night out. You can find discotheques for a late-night drink or relax in a more peaceful ambience. And you can even discover an interesting club to meet new people. You can book a date with culture in a theatre near you to see a good play or watch the latest films in the nearest cinema.

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