Restaurants & Pubs

Restaurants & Pubs

From the typical restaurant to the fast food, Portugal has an immense gastronomical richness.

In Portugal, there is currently a considerable variety of restaurants, be it generic or thematic.

Although the Italian and Brazilian restaurants have rapidly entered the Portuguese gastronomical habits, the list does not end here for sure. On the contrary, it begins here.

Nowadays it is easy to research and find an African, German, American or even a Belgian restaurant nearby. It will depend a lot of our taste and our openness to new gastronomic experiences. Speaking of new experiences, there is a big variety of vegetarian, Turkish, Moroccan, Japanese or even Indian and Goan restaurants you should try. If you never tried any of these, now the time has come, and we strongly recommend you to do it.

But, for cuisines more similar to our habits, we cannot forget the Cuban, Chinese, Argentinean, French, or even the Spanish restaurants, with their famous 'tapas' and 'huevos revueltos'. And, of course, we could not mention foreign restaurants and cuisines without speaking of the Italian, and thus the pizzerias all across Portugal. Always with a scent of grill and good food, we also have a wide variety of 'churrasqueiras', grill houses, where fat does not belong to the grill, so that you can keep in good shape.

Back to the Portuguese origins, we also have a rich offer of high quality restaurants of Portuguese cuisine. For the most typical meals, everybody knows a good pub where you can have a great time with your friends, a snack bar or a beer house where you can have a snack. These are the truly typical Portuguese restaurants. Although in less quantity, but never losing their quality, there are the taverns, where usually the snacks are great, and where snails and gizzards are mandatory to accompany a good talk.

When planning a family meeting, or any other kind of festive event, do not forget the variety of banquet halls and catering services that you can find near you.

For snacks with the family, or if you are looking for some tranquillity, Portugal also has a great offer regarding coffee and tea houses where you can drink an infusion, tea, or simply enjoy the Portuguese pastry. And since gastronomy always goes hand in hand with music, why not join both on a well spent evening in a typical ‘fado’ house, where there will be plenty of 'saudade' and nostalgia.

If, for you, time is money and you do not have the possibility of gathering your friends and family very often, or you are really in a hurry, you always have a great offer of fast-food chains, so that the act of satisfying your appetite is quick!