Real estate, Money & Law

Real estate, Money & Law

Real Estate: Houses, flats, buildings - Services

We all need a place we call home to build along our lives. Be it a rented or owned house, this section has some suggestions to offer. To start with, check the offers at the real estate promotors and real estate agents, so that you can choose from a wide scope of options for you, or your family and friends, whether you are seeking to buy or sell a real estate property.

When you rent or buy a real estate property, new responsibilities and needs arise, such as condominiums and managing common areas like halls and garages. If you wish to choose a company specialized in Condominiums Management, start your research here and check what is available on your residency area.

Money & Law

Regarding those highly bureaucratic, but still very necessary services, like consultancy and auditing, notaries, pawnbrokers, solicitors, accountants... Services that are a part of our daily life are uncountable, and so we have to know how to defend ourselves in case of need. Consult the lawyers and the information agencies, and, in case you need it, go to the courts of law to defend your rights. In this section, we fight injustice by talking to it.