Raw materials & Components

Raw materials & Components

Materials and Manufacturing: The World of Raw Materials

Everything we eat is essentially made from materials of animal or vegetable origin. If you are part of the world of raw material manufacturers and producers, then you have found the perfect place to find all the information necessary to the success of your business. If, on the other hand, you have come here out of curiosity you will also be catered for.

Materials of animal or vegetable origin are ubiquitous in all of the products we use, from the clothing and shoes, to jewellery items, the furniture in our homes, plastic kitchen items, paper ... Get to know the manufacturers of all of these products, such as, for example, jewellery makers, manufacturers of paper, cloth, plastic and even imitation jewellery.

If, on the other hand, you feel like just focusing on the world of plastic materials - plastic boxes, plastic bags, industrial plastics, reinforced plastics, tubes ... - then pay attention to this section. All materials have incredible potential; paper and cardboard processors produce a large number of products with just these materials. Wood is one of the most important materials and so its preservation is very important. Other services related to this material are wood sawmills, where it is turned into wood boards, and wood import and export companies. And if we talk about wood, we cannot leave out cork and related products; who does not like opening a bottle of wine with a mastery that allows you to remove the cork intact without making a sound?

Metallurgical and mining companies - the metallurgical industry and professional services

Metallurgy is a science that studies and deals with metals from the time they are extracted from below the ground until they are transformed into the products which we are surrounded by in our everyday lives. From early on in our history, man was aware of the usefulness of metals and of alloy production. In reality, when we talk about steel, stainless steel, copper and iron we are referring to those very solutions which surround us nowadays.

Don’t you believe it? Wire? Aluminum? Copper telephone wires? Decorative window grating? Nuts and bolts? Wire mesh? These are just some examples we can provide you with and suggest that you seek more information on, whether you’re a professional in this industry or just interested in the subject.