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Viveiros Joviplant

The Viveiros Joviplant, company was founded with the goal of producing and selling high-quality ornamental outdoor plants, so we have a wide range of shrubs, coniferous trees, herbaceous trees, palm trees and climbing plants available in our nurseries.


Our production is available in 2 different facilities, allowing you to visit and feel nature at its purest state. 


We aim at strengthening our presence in the National and International outdoor plant market, based on the entrepreneurship, precision and drive of our entire team.

Large Trees

Surround yourself with nature and choose the ornamental outdoor plants that best suit your space, be it a patio, a garden, a terrace or a balcony. At Viveiros Joviplantwe have quite a wide range of species, from the smallest plant to large trees.


We like to offer different solutions and therefore we have ornamental outdoor plants that are suitable for public spaces, such as Public Places and Private Places


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A world of nature you can take home with you!

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