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Smurfit Kappa Group is the leading European company in the manufacturing of corrugated fibreboard packaging. It operates in 20 countries and is able to cover customers anywhere in Europe.

The Smurfit Kappa Group wishes to be recognised as the most famous manufacturers of paper-based packaging in the market sectors in which it operates.  To achieve that kind of success, we will propose innovative packaging solutions, excellent customer service, affordable prices and a fast flexible execution always anticipating the change requests and creating tangible values in the most variable ways.

Spain and Portugal currently have 15 Corrugated Fibreboard Factories, 1 Sheet Plant, 3 Paper Manufacturing Factories and 4 Paper Bag Factories and 1 Pre-press factory.


The Corrugated Fibreboard Division comprises 15 factories and 1 Sheet Plant, across the Iberian Peninsula, which allows us to provide excellent service to our over 3,000 customers across the whole territory. The plant is located in Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.


The facilities of the Corrugated Fibreboard Division of Smurfit Spain and Portugal offer a broad printing spectrum, including post-print and flexo-pre-print printing. There is also a factory of Displays - Sorpel (Portugal).


Smurfit Kappa Spain and Portugal meets the huge packaging demand, from the smallest ones in micro-channel to the large-size packaging solutions such as the "Heavy Duty." The "Fanfold" speciality offers highly effective packaging solutions for products with peculiar shapes.


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Smurfit Kappa Portugal

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Smurfit Kappa Portugal SA

Manufacturer of paper-based packaging

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Smurfit Kappa Portugal facilities
Smurfit Kappa Portugal Warehouse and Transportation
The Smurfit Kappa Portugal Professionals
The Smurfit Kappa Portugal Professionals

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Smurfit Kappa Portugal SA
(São Paio de Oleiros)
São Paio de Oleiros - Smurfit Kappa

Rua Concharinha 256
( Santa Maria da Feira )
227 471 720
227 647 423