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Supporting Services

Serviços de ApoioThe existing supporting services and infrastructure in Madeira are of high standard and include both corporate and private services that will provide full support to both companies setting up or families moving to Madeira.

Management Companies are corporate service providers recognised by S.D.M. to provide all the support foreign investors need, in order to adequately set up and manage their companies in Madeira. These companies are also specialised in providing accounting services within the IBC. In addition, there are other local companies, also listed below, who only provide accounting services.

The IBC of Madeira also benefits from the existence of a local University and technical schools as sources of recruitment and the full support and business oriented perspective from the regional and national authorities.



Local Entities

In the following sections you may find the contact details of entities in Madeira which may be relevant, in several different aspects, to investors in the process of setting up or already fully operational within the International Business Centre of Madeira. 

For a full list of contacts in Madeira, please click here.


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SDM-Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira SA
(São Pedro)
Funchal - Supporting Services |

Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira

Rua Mouraria 9,1º
9000-047 FUNCHAL
( São Pedro )
291 201 333
291 201 399