The restaurant João dos Leitões (João da Piedade) is a family project with over 30 years, specialized in piglet roasted in wood stove.

The project, in constant development, has been progressively growing its capacity to satisfy te customers. The restaurant has the conditions and facilities indispensible for the production and sale of top quality roasted piglet. We have our own slaughterhouse and roasting facilities with the utmost rigorous hygiene and food safety requirements. We also have the facilities required for a top quality restaurant service.

The restaurant is open 364 days per year and has a wide and free parking lot.


The João dos Leitões specialty is roasted piglet made in wood stove; different and exquisite dishes are also available, such as grilled cod and veal roasted in wood stove.


The restaurant is open every day; we recommend reservations for groups (more than 15 persons), for lunch on Sundays and for dinner services. We welcome groups. WI-FI access is free for the restaurant's customers.


Restaurante O João da Piedade
(Recardães e Espinhel)
Piedade-Espinhel - Restaurant

Roasted piglet since 1980

3750-406 ESPINHEL
( Águeda  -  Recardães e Espinhel )
234 242 081
234 690 079