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Orbitur holds a leading position in Portuguese Camping, almost since its foundation (July 1961). It is recognized by its clients in the truth contained in the simple motto that defines it - 'Trust us to camp in Portugal' - which, for all of those who are proud of its insignia, is an ever present commitment to do more and better, seeking to satisfy its customers.

The work we have been conducting will allow us to obtain the sustainable development we aim to achieve.

Among the little over 200 Camping Parks which are legally operating in Portugal, 22 display the Orbitur insignia, being officially classified as Public Parks (as they are accessible to the general public).

As its strategy, Orbitur invests in the distinction of its products and in a service discipline and quality aimed at the customer's satisfaction, besides providing its parks with the proper resources for their continuous improvement, being the only organized chain in the Iberian peninsula that practises this activity from a strictly commercial point of view.

Focusing on increasing its competitiveness and its market share, Orbitur follows a development and expansion strategy, continuously strengthening its investments in the complementary accommodation area, with modern bungalows equipped with all necessary comforts, as well as negotiating the purchase of privately-owned parks and adding the operation of a few municipal parks to its network.

Aware of its leadership position within the camping activity and of its responsibilities, Orbitur takes on an active role in the promotion and development of tourism in Portugal, being present in the most important guides and events in its sector.


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Ria de Aveiro
Sítio da Nazaré
Camping Parks
Parques de Campismo de Caminha
Camping Parks
Parque de Campismo da Caparica
Camping Parks

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