Manual - Sociedade de Artigos Gráficos

Manual - Sociedade de Artigos Gráficos Lda

We have been in the market since 1987 and our main activity focuses selling graphic arts products, packages and labels as well as related equipment.


With the evolution of the market and our dedication, we expanded our business to different areas within the same sector.

Currently, MANUAL has 16 employees and a wide range of products that allows it to produce various works in the most different areas with the quality and speed demanded by the competitiveness of today's market.


MANUAL represents high-quality brands that guarantee longevity and adaptability to each customer's operational circumstances.

We sell Graphic Arts products, Packages and Labels, as well as related Equipment


  • Boring-binding machines (manual, thermal, with metallic spirals or electric wires); 
  • Guillotines;
  • Presses;
  • Plastifying machines.


  • Thin Cardboards;
  • Transparencies;
  • Covers (soft, hard, cardboard, thermal);
  • Glues;
  • Binding covers (PVC/Polypropylene, in A4 and A3 formats);
  • Strips;
  • Combs and spirals (plastic, pvc, metal);
  • Textile binding materials;
  • Wire (for sewing and cardboard item manufacture).
  • Magnets


  • BN Internacional
  • Bamberger Kaliko
  • Colorgraf
  • Quingdao
  • Guarro Casas
  • Leonhard Kurz
  • Manter
  • Labeling
  • Plastiflock
  • Comercial Arque
  • Fabini
  • Tecnofil
  • Antilotex Flock

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Manual-Sociedade de Artigos Gráficos Lda
(Matosinhos e Leça da Palmeira)
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Rua Dom Marcos Cruz 10 Leça da Palmeira
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