The Insular de Moinhos is one of the oldest food product companies in Madeira. Its foundation dates back to 1929 and its activities were initially focused on cereal milling and flour production. Its market approach is basically focused on providing the residents of Madeira with quality food products, in order to guarantee their preference and become their company of choice.

Throughout its 80 years of existence, Insular has been occupying a leading position in the development of the regional economy and, today, its ability to adjust, resist and innovate within the market turn Insular into a high-quality brand and a reference in Madeira's food industry.

Currently, its offer includes solutions for the baking industry, the animal feed industry, and a wide range of products for the end consumer:  cooking flours, pastas, rice, cookies, biscuits, olive oil and oil

Insular Mission

Our main concern is to satisfy the real needs of our consumers and strive to exceed their expectations so, within the scope of our mission, Innovation and Quality are part of our daily effort and commitment.

Working with Integrity

Our main priority is being a successful company, which implies investing on our growth and finding a balance between short- and long-term interests. That also means that we're concerned with the interests of our customers and employees and with the communities in which we develop our business.

The Insular Group in numbers:

  • No. 1 Corporate and Industrial Group in Madeira
  • No. 1 Corporate Group in the Food Industry
  • The only local producer of cereal derivatives in Madeira

Insular through time



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The Brand

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Insular is a dynamic brand focused on the consumers' needs and expectations.  Over eight decades of business, Insular has been keeping up with the evolutions of the consumers' lifestyles and habits, so that the many residents of Madeira continue to consider it as the first choice for their daily diet. 







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