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Instituto de Segurança Social da Madeira IP-RAM
Funchal - IPSS / Private Initiatives

Rua Elias Garcia 14
9050-023 FUNCHAL
( Santa Luzia )
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IPSS/Private Initiatives

With what purpose are constituted the Private Institutions of Social Solidarity

 Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS) are non-profit institutions organized on the initiative of individuals, in order to give expression to organized moral duty of solidarity and justice between individuals and provided that they are not run by the state or a local government body.

They are characterized by pursuing, through the provision of goods and the provision of services, the following purposes:

Within the Social Security

- Support to children and young people;

- Family support;

- Support to social and community integration;

- Protection of citizens into old age, disability and in all situations of lack or reduction of means of subsistence or capacity to work.

Within Protection in Health

- Promotion and health protection, particularly by providing care in preventive medicine, curative and rehabilitative.

Within Education

- Education and training of citizens.

Within Housing

- Solving the housing problems of the population.

Other than those listed above, institutions may continue in a secondary way other non-profit means with which they are compatible, and other activities that contribute to its financial sustainability.

The objectives of the Social Security are developed through social action responses in equipment and services as well as partnerships in programs and projects, and possibly with the MTSS.

To carry out the objectives of social security and according to local needs, the District Centre of Social Security / Social Security Institute, may conclude Cooperation Agreements with the private social welfare institutions or equivalent, through which they ensure the direct provision of benefits in equipment and services to the population, or Management Agreements through which they transfer the management of services and facilities belonging to the State.

In addition to the financial support provided for in these agreements, which contribute to the operation of institutions of social equipment, they are still granted specific technical support and other financial support for investment in the creation or remodeling of facilities, through various programs and measures.


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Instituto de Segurança Social da Madeira IP-RAM
(Santa Luzia)
Funchal - IPSS / Private Initiatives

Rua Elias Garcia 14
9050-023 FUNCHAL
( Santa Luzia )
291 205 100
291 205 132