Hotel Ribamar

We are a luxury hotel unit, located in the heart of Nazaré, just across the beach. 


A Hotel with a unique architecture in Nazaré!

We have 25 rooms, including 3 suites, with private bathroom and TV decorated in an "End of the 19th Century" style, with a unique architecture in Nazaré. Cosy atmosphere where fine wood covers the ceilings and wainscoting.  Free Wi-fi internet access. 



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Hotel Ribamar Nazaré

Alojamento Nazaré

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Hotel Ribamar



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Hotel Ribamar Restaurante
Nazaré - Hotel Nazaré

Hotel and Restaurant Ribamar is Go and Come Back!!

Rua Gomes Freire 9
2450-222 NAZARÉ
262 551 158
262 562 224