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Workshop on healthy eating and exercise
Open meeting to the community
Workshop on healthy eating and exercise
Training Action

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  • Technician of Catering (variant Restaurant-Bar)
  • Technician of Management and Programming Information Systems
  • Technician of Electronics, Automation and Control
  • Technician of Electrical Installations
  • Technician of Catering (variant Kitchen-Pastry)
  • Technician of Pastry / Bakery
  • Technician of Multimedia
  • Technician of electronics, automation and computers
  • Technician of Food Processing and Quality Control
  • Technician of Agricultural Production
  • Technician of Education


The Professional Courses of Level 4, devoted to the initial qualification of young people, aim to:

  • Contribute to the development of personal, social and professional skills that make possible the skilled practice of a profession and an active citizenship;
  • Encourage direct and qualified entry into the Labour Market;
  • Enable the acquisition of qualifications of Secondary Level, favoring at the same time, youth employability and social and economic development of localities, regions and the country;
  • Prepare for training courses at post-secondary level or Higher Education level.


With a duration of 3 academic years (3200-3440 hours according to the new array), are structured in Study Plans developed under the modular system and encompassing a sociocultural component, a scientific component and a technical component.
Also involve periods of training in the workplace and Professional Aptitude Test, which consists of the presentation and defense before a jury, of a project embodied in a final product (statement of professional knowledge and skills developed throughout the course) and the respective report of achievement.
Successful completion of the full training pathway allows dual certification: the educational qualification of secondary education and vocational qualification at level 4.


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The program REACTIVATE aims to qualify or requalify, preferentially, unemployed people registered in branches for Qualification and Employment, equipping them with vocational skills and improving their educational attainment.
Translates into an offer of training routes intended for adults aged 16 and over, lacking the compulsory schooling or, that having it do not have relevant professional qualification. Also presents itself as an opportunity for completion of secondary education, enabling the acquisition of a professional qualification at level 4.
The different training routes that it contemplates meet the benchmarks of competence and training associated with the respective qualifications listed in the National Catalogue of Qualifications.


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The Actives Training has as major objectives:

  • Facilitate the acquisition and improvement of knowledge and expertise, thus favoring the qualification and professional skills;
  • Improving the skills of professionals in active, favoring career progression and allowing a better adaptation to the requirements of the Labour Market;
  • Promote sustainability and competitiveness of enterprises.


Aimed at the general public and to professionals in specific areas, is developed in post-employment regime (usually between 19:00 and 23:00) and fits within the continuous training.
Essentially short-term, actions have covered such diverse areas as Hotel and Restaurant Management, Civil Construction, Secretariat and Administrative Work, Electronics and Automation, Electricity and Energy, Accounting and Taxation and the Pedagogical Training of Trainers.


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In articulation with the formation through the development of study plans, the School promotes many activities of personal, emotional and social value of students towards a comprehensive education for active and responsible citizenship.

What becomes evident in the Projects of:

  • Education for Health and Safety
  • Intercultural education
  • Education for Human Rights and Peace
  • Education Action Policy
  • Environmental education
  • Education for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and History
  • Education for Entrepreneurship


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Training Offer 2019/2020

Level 4


  • Electrical Installation Technician
  • Pastry / Bakery Technician
  • Restaurant / Bar Technician
  • Technical Computer Programmer

 Pre-Registration Until June 30, 2019


  • Selection Tests 01 to 05 of july
  • Enrolment from 15 to 19 of July


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