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School Cross Country
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The Professional School of Praia da Vitória promotes a project for the integral formation of young people, providing them suitable preparation for a qualified professional exercise and preparing them for a proper socialprofessional insertion.

In parallel, develops training for the unemployed who want to improve their academic qualifications and / or their professional qualification and for professionals in active seeking to improve knowledge and technical skills, improving their employability conditions.


In the global exercise of its activity, the School assumes as a Mission to foster socio-professional integration of young people and adults, through a suitable preparation for a qualified professional practice and active citizenship.


Responding to the legitimate aspirations of the elements of the school community, taking into account their needs, their interests and their motivations, the EPPV intends to stand out for the quality of their teaching and be recognized as an entity promoter of an effective integration of its graduates in the Labour Market.


As supporting elements of the pedagogical dynamics and interpersonal relations in the context of the School, shall be guided by the following principles, considered as decision criteria and action:

  • Promote a process of Teaching / Learning quality, adjusted to the reality of the Island and the Region; 
  • Valuing local and regional educational institutions as partners; 
  • Value companies as partner organizations that contribute effectively to the training of students and create opportunities for the entry into the Labour Market; 
  • Promote the integration and participation of the School in the socio-cultural life of the Island; 
  • Valuing teaching strategies that foster autonomy and personal initiative of students; 
  • Encourage the participation of the elements that make up the school community in events and activities that enable your personal, social and professional development; 
  • Ensure due representation of the elements that make up the School Community, promoting Democracy at School; 
  • Recognising the value of the elements that comprise the School Community; 
  • Provide members of the School Community the enjoyment of rights enshrined in the Portuguese Constitution and the Charter of Human Rights; 
  • Support disadvantaged students and those who, by their personal, family and social status, experience particularly difficult situations; 
  • To ensure equal treatment, nullifying any kind of discrimination; 
  • Improve the links between working life and family life; 
  • Promote dialogue and mutual respect, fostering a sustainable coexistence; 
  • Fostering peaceful conflict resolution and violence prevention; 
  • Prioritise projects and activities that promote the conservation of natural resources, joint action against injustice and poverty, promotion of peace, healthy lifestyles, political action and interculturalism in order to exercise a committed and responsible citizenship.


The Professional School of Praia da Vitória began its training activity in October 1995 having as promoter the Municipality of Victoria Beach. Since January 2005, is owned by the Foundation for Professional Teaching of Praia da Vitoria.

At the origin of the Foundation for Professional Teaching of Praia da Vitória was the Vocational School of the Municipality of Victoria Beach, created in 1995 by program contract signed between the Regional Secretariat for Education and Culture and the Municipal Hall of Praia da Vitória, the promoter of the institution. The application to the Region of Decree-Law 4/98 of 8 January, by Regional Legislative Decree 30/2000/A of August 11, determined, among other changes, the loss of legal personality of Professional Schools, being obligatorily integrated in another entity.
This was the reason which led to the creation of the Foundation for Professional Teaching of Praia da Vitória, as Collective Entity of Private Law and Type Founding, nonprofit entity that acquired ownership of the of Praia da Vitória Vocational School.

On May 5, 2016 took place the opening ceremony of the new facilities of the Professional School of Praia da Vitória, despite being in operation at the new location, Rua Comendador Francisco José Barcelos, since October 12, 2016 .


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Rua Comendador Francisco José Barcelos 14
( Praia da Vitória (Santa Cruz) )

295 540 900
295 540 903


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Member No. 36 of ANESPO - National Association of Professional Schools

Integrates since 2005, the AEHT - European Association of Schools of Hotel industry and Tourism


 since 2003/2004



Escola Profissional da Praia da Vitória
(Praia da Vitória (Santa Cruz))
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Rua Comendador Francisco José Barcelos 14
( Praia da Vitória (Santa Cruz) )
295 540 900
295 540 903