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Electro Valdi, Lda aims to create and develop the most innovative solutions in the area of business to work, offering new customers a personalized and continuous monitoring service to choose the best equipment and most appropriate solutions.





Raising the company to the best solutions in the layout's, assembly and after-sales service, making their patterns of knowledge, innovation, accountability and value.

Estudos e Projectos


Cozinha industrial

Baias Separadoras


Balcão de Cafetaria

Prateleira com produtos num corredor de supermercado


Câmara frigorífica para Talho

Electro Valdi

Founded in 1974, Electro Valdi Ltd started business in the hotelier industry, acting in the sale, installation and technical assistance. Headquartered in Caldas da Rainha, operates throughout the country and internationally, covering the areas of hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, butcher shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cold stores, pastry shops, industrial manufacturing areas and HVAC.   

The consolidated experience over the years, makes us an ideal partner for your business. Our development in the area of hotelier and industrial cold meets the needs and expectations always presenting the best most innovative and reliable solutions for the future project. 

Equipamentos para restauração

Project Presentation

Nowadays, to the environment of each space must be an underlying concern to provide a perfect harmony, combining comfort with aesthetic level, without neglecting the functional space.

Our company has a specialized technical office that develops various projects and studies, taking into account the legislation, customer requirements and placing a contribution of innovation.

In the presentation of each project are identified and assessed the needs of each client, and studied the dimensions, measures and physical characteristics of the site.

The projects are not based only on equipment supply but also in the development of a concept and specific layout, allowing to present different solutions for each case.



Equipment for Kitchens



When we design a kitchen for industrial use, areas that provide effective utilization, with safe materials are planned, and that ensure the hygiene rules.

Different equipment complete this space: stainless steel tables, washing basins, stoves, ovens, grills, pans, coolers, storage and freezing. These devices are allied to the best materials and the best brands.


Self-Service Hotelier Equipment




Using high quality materials and complying with the requisites of health and safety required, this type of space can be prepared with different compositions, providing elegance and good looks.


Are available and are designed in different modules: greenhouses, refrigerated modules, cash registers, separating bays and other equipment that make this space easy and quick to use-


The cooling systems can also be positioned in accordance with the client space.


Different types of finishes are available: in lacquered, wood or stainless.


Coffee Shop and Pastries Equipment


These spaces are constantly frequented, and must be planned and designed to provide comfort and well-being to those who visit.


The key to the development of each project requirements are quality, the convenience of the materials, the environment and decor of the space, conveying a lot of harmony in every space.


Equipment for Supermarkets


In commercial spaces, the movement of people and access to the products must be practical and easy. For this, various materials are required, several solutions in bookcases, shelves, chests, freezing, refrigeration systems, appropriate scales and other equipment.


Directed to the delicatessen, fishmonger, greengrocer and bakery spaces can also be designed, meeting the needs of each client.


Equipment for Butchers

These spaces have very demanding hygiene rules.

To ensure compliance with these rules of hygiene we have developed projects in this area in view of a better product visibility, studying areas for showcases and cold rooms, scales, aerial views, areas of cutting, among other aspects.

Used Equipment

We sell all types of used equipment for the areas of catering, hotel industry and commercial spaces in general.

We have on display: balconies; showcases; stainless countertops; washtubs; dishwashers; washing machines, among other items.
The equipments are guaranteed for technical assistance.


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