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Asbestos Removal/Asbestos-cement

We perform measurements and quality reviews for asbestos fibres in an accredited laboratory.

Remoção de Fibrocimento

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Technically Prepared for Asbestos Removal

With many years of experience in this area, Coberfer is technically prepared to perform asbestos (Lusalite) removal tasks.


Our Responsibility

While performing each task, Coberfer is responsible for the following steps:


 - Preparation of a Work Plan and permit application for the local A.C.T.


 - Measurements and quality reviews for asbestos fibres in an accredited laboratory. Includes the delivery of a measurement report to the customer.


 - Use of lifting equipment and all the P.P.E.'s; we also assemble and dismantle the construction site, including all the necessary facilities for the safety and protection of the workers who handle materials that contain asbestos and work at a height.


 - Removal of asbestos cement plates according to Decree Law 266/07, dated July 24th


 - Transportation to an officially approved landfill accompanied by the corresponding waste dispatch notes. Includes the delivery of a proof of disposal to the customer. 


For this purpose, we have staff with the appropriate training required for each type of intervention.




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