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With its technological know-how, BTL has the ability to ensure a quality job in the making of several projects by using the latest techniques in the area. Thus, we are capable for any complete project, including the phases described next: - Project Investigation - Project Development - AutoCad and Inventor Technical Drawing - Project Materials Calculation. Count on us for your project, and we will ensure a quality and rigorous work, always applying the latest technologies for you.


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About Us

BTL was built in 1979 by the three current majority associates.

Our company began its activity with the name "Bastos, Tavares e Lopes, Lda.", working in a rental pavilion, producing boiler products of small dimensions (deposits, tanks, reservoirs, etc.). At the time, the main workforce was its three associates, who, besides production, took care of the management tasks. The company quickly established itself in the small investor segment, with the acquisition of some equipment and raw materials necessary to its functioning.

Due to the flexibility and know-how of its associates, the company quickly established itself in the market, and actually started to get hired to projects for which it was not technically equipped. Such occurrences led the associates to consider new investments, and in 1982 they built new facilities.

After a crisis period between 1982 and 1986, BTL managed to solve all the compromises it assumed related to the investment project.

Then it expanded its business areas to the Food, Environment, Chemistry, Oil, Pharmaceutics and Mining Industries, as well as its activity areas by expanding its industrial and management facilities.

In December 1990, the company goes through its major reformulation by becoming a Corporation with a stock capital of 175.000.000$00 (872.896,32 €), and changing its name to BTL - Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A.

In order to effectively answer the market demands, new investments were made in 1998 by expanding the industrial facilities and the acquisition of new equipments and machineries.

In 2000, with the objective of dominating a wider market and protecting its own know-how, the company acquired stocks of companies in several areas (industrial automation, weightings, assembly, etc.).
In 2003 the stock capital was expanded to 875.000,00 €.

The company currently owns a significant part of the market, and the crucial factor for its success is the accumulated experience, which is a result of the research and development made for the Clients. In order to be able to do so, BTL-Indústrias Metalurgicas, S.A. has modern infrastructures with potential resources, and it carefully invests in the continuous Quality improvement.



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BTL- Indústria Metalúrgica SA
Sobradelo - Metallurgy Industries

34 years serving the industry

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