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We offer a wide range of packages and services for every industrial sector. Hi-tech, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Beverages and Processing Industry, for companies and budgets of all sizes. We provide a number of unique and uncommon requests that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.
We are a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs, whatever your budget and your location.


We also offer complete packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and other technical industrial sectors. As a leading provider of integrated packaging solutions, our equipment is designed to automate the packaging process. Our packaging equipment and packaging material supply network, our line integration experts, excellent sales team and qualified engineering team enable us to offer you the best deals and the best service available.


At F Baeta & Filhos lda you will find multiple packaging solutions, in cardboardplastic and PVC to store and preserve food, beverages and medicines, among other items. Come and get acquainted with our products!


We manufacture packaging and wrapping machines.

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.: Domestic Manufacture
.: Automatic and Manual Equipment 
.: For products of small and large 

.: Small and big production output 
.: Quality Assurance 
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(Montijo e Afonsoeiro)
Pau Queimado - Baepack

We manufacture packaging and wrapping machines.

Zona Industrial Pau Queimado
2870-500 MONTIJO
( Montijo e Afonsoeiro )
212 313 610
212 302 589