Castrol Lubricants Distribution

Atlantida Services offers its clients a wide range of Castrol lubricants for the navy. 

Castrol is a brand recognized as a leader in the navy market. It has a century of state-of-the-art creation of new technology for new products, always aiming to provide the best performance and maintenance of the equipments onboard of its clients' ships.

The Navy Castrol Lubricants offer a range of lubricants, fluids and greases for the navy, from small fishing or leisure boats to big ships, with the highest quality and performance and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the protection of the most demanding engines and equipments of any kind of ship.


Together with the high quality of the Castrol products, an excellence service is provided in the delivery of products, availability of its staff, high level technical support or in the analysis of the lubricants in use under its technical brand CAREMAX.


The technical knowledge, consultancy on the products to apply according to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), production of Lubricant Charts, troubleshooting, technical tours on ships, technical training for clients, support at the level of HHSE (Hygiene, Health, Safety and Environment) are other sides of the service provided, in order to ensure the best performance of the products and the prolongation of the client's equipments life.


Atlantida Services ensures that all the provisions are performed according to the highest standards of Quality, Safety, and Environment Protection, under ISO Certification.

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