About Atlantidalub - Sociedade de Prestação de Serviços Administrativos e Comerciais e Actividades Imobiliárias, Unipessoal Lda

Established on the 2nd of October 1988 with the main objective of operating fuels and providing maintenance and "engineering" services in industrial facilities, also including in its statutes and vocation the services within the scope of a commercial vocation. The Atlantidalub - Sociedade de Prestação de Serviços Administrativos e Comerciais e Actividades Imobiliárias, Unipessoal Lda, (AS), is a limited liability company created by Vasco Pereira da Silva and Maria Helena S. C. S. Pereira da Silva, both Partners - Managers since the beginning.

The idea of establishing the company arose from the "downsizing" objectives by the oil company which was the owner, at the time, of the Nordela Fuel Terminal in Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel, Azores Autonomic Region (RAA) - the already extinct Mobil Oil - together with the know-how recognized in Eng. Vasco Pereira da Silva, who performed the functions of Delegation Manager at the RAA oil company since September 1983.

Thus, the main activity of the company was, from the beginning, the Operation and Maintenance of the Nordela Fuel Terminal.
In 2002 it included in its activity the transportation of fuels.
In 2003 it began selling lubricants and fuels for ships fuelling.
Over its existence, some alternative activities outside the scope of fuels were also developed by the company.

The safety of the operations is a vital component of the AS activity since always and, later on, the creation of a Quality System, certified in 1994 with the Certificate ISO 9002 (Oil Company System related to the Terminal). The Certification was pioneer at the time for the area of fuel in our country and it was the first certification in the RAA. These represent important milestones for our company.

Today, we are able to recognize a company culture which brings together the practices of Safety promotion and Quality insurance methods, valuation of Human Resources, team work, merit recognition, training and support, in a wide perspective of Social Responsibility - the care with Environment Protection and Ethics present in its human and corporate relationships.


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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to develop a sustainable corporate activity of technical services provision of operational and commercial nature, in the area of fuel and environmental preservation products, taking into consideration the satisfaction of the stakeholders and the environment preservation, through processes and goods capable of transforming hazardous activities into safe activities.


AS has the vision of being recognized as a company of excellence in its professional performance, competence and ethics by its stakeholders, clients, collaborators and partners, as well as by the surrounding community.


The main values with which AS identifies itself are:


» Respect for the preservation of the Environment, minimizing the harmful consequences of its activity.
» Ensuring the Safety and Hygiene conditions at Work.
» Commitment with Social and Ethic Responsibility.
» Existence of quantified objectives in Quality and Continuous Improvement.
» Search for the continuous satisfaction of the clients by responding to their needs and demands.

» Keeping a value added Organization.
» Optimization of the Human Resources management and of the material resources usage.


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