Leisure and Culture

Culture and leisure: a programme for an enjoyable weekend.

Embrace culture and leisure with open arms! It’s the weekend and you are completely free to enjoy yourself but you can’t think of how to best take advantage of this time? Well you don’t even have to. We will draw up a draft itinerary. So pay attention. Invite a friend who’s interested in doing the same thing. There is a wide and varied choice of what to do. You could start off with a drink in the evening on Friday with a toast to the weekend. Then you just need to choose a good restaurant to have dinner and a bar to have a drink. And we recommend that it’s just the one drink, because the next day you have to be up early. Remember that your goal is to get the most out of your day of culture. Have a look at the current exhibitions on offer at the museums and sites and decide what you are going to go and see. Choose the sites you are interested in visiting and sprinkle your day with some history. If you are interested in visiting churches and places of worship , you can see them here as well. Don’t forget to have an afternoon snack as there’s a long period between lunch and dinner and you will need to recharge your batteries. After all, you are embarking on a full-blown historical and cultural study trip. See here which bakeries and pastry shops are closest to the area you are in. In the evening take your pick from one of the great performances on in the theatres . After the show you will surely be tired so the best thing to do would be to return home. However, should you still feel like having a drink: go ahead! On Sunday morning pay a visit to the cultural centres and go to the cinema in the afternoon. For your afternoon snack you could opt to visit a cafe specialising in chocolates and sweets just to be different. And afterwards night falls softly. By now you will be tired and should return home to because we all know what comes after Sunday: Monday!: