Houses - Rent or Buy?

Gone are the days when leaving your family home to get married was the event of the year. 

Leaving the famly home is our everyday bread, with the constant mobility happening now in Portugal due to job search, that now extends 'beyond borders'  and due to the entry of students in distant universities. 

Take the example of teachers, whose professional name should be changed to 'professional nomads' who, when having the good fortune to be placed in a school, many times it's across the country, in Madeira or Azores Islands, up North, Central or South! 

The same goes for students applying to different universities: many by choice, others because they have no alternative and have to settle for 2nd or 3rd options far from home.

This being the reality, we wanted to help you find your new homes. Whether for nomadic teachers, adventurers students, newly married or couples living together, the lonely singles who want peace and quiet and even those who just want to go on vacation: we have houses for rent and houses for sales for all!