Halloween is here

Halloween is a holiday that has been gaining expression in Portugal over the last few years. 

This holiday is celebrated every year, on October 31st, and although its origin lies in ancient pagan traditions, it is celebrated today in numerous countries all over the world.

Have you picked the costume you're going to wear for Halloween this year?

Lacking in imagination? Don't worry, we're here to help.

As is the case with any holiday celebration, Halloween is associated with plenty of fun activities for kids and grown-ups alike. If your kid is already asking you what you're going to do for Halloween this year, don't panic, the idea is simple:costumes like Witches, Vampires, or even dark heroes such as Batman are more than appropriate for the occasion. Send them off with a bag, and let the fun begin, as they walk the neighborhood streets with their friends, asking for candy using the famous Halloween phrase "Trick or Treat!". If they're too young to go out hunting for candy, you can always try indoor Halloween activities, such as games, paintings, or pumpkin carving.

If you're on the other end of the Trick or Treat, and you're expecting little guests at your door, we advise you to prepare, and stock up on sweets, available in any supermarket, or even in local grocery stores and candy stores.  

Lastly, if you're planning to spend Halloween among grown-ups, we can help, too. Get into the mood of things by serving an original dinner, with blue pasta and blood red bolognese, and nice red wine. Add to this a zombie or a witch costume, to go out and win the prize for best Halloween Costume of the night, and you'll have a great night!

So, will you celebrate Halloween with us?