Food, Agriculture and Producers – Nurture your business

Food is an essential item for all of us, so for this reason all companies involved with food production must respect high levels of quality and efficiency. These and other qualities can be found in the various services related to this industry: Organic Agriculture, Wholesalers, Frozen and Deep Frozen producers, Co-Operatives…. Welcome to a space dedicated exclusively to your industry.

Ready made food stuff to be purchased in retail outlets which are properly ordered according to colour and section, are the result of the work of a versatile network of professionals. If you are a producer in the agricultural sector you will, most certainly, require seeds and fertilizers to grow and nurture your agricultural products, or…. Let us guess: you are one of the many oil producers in Portugal? If you work in the livestock industry then perhaps you are looking for something related to the poultry industry, compound feed for livestock, feed, purchase and sale of livestock or veterinary products; are we right? To complete the industry we need to include fish and frozen product professionals, who feel just like fish in water when we mention fish markets, fish farms, frozen and deep frozen products, canning, seafood, fresh or frozen fish and fish exporters and importers… As you can see, we haven’t forgotten anyone .

When producers from different sectors- Agriculture, Livestock, Fish- complete their part of the work, someone has to deal with transporting the products to the retail outlets: supermarket suppliers, wholesale suppliers or wholesalers themselves. Pay attention, we’re talking about you now! Find the majority of the supermarkets, bakeries, fishmongers, butchers and many others that you need, and even more!

And after all of these processes, with adequate quality control mechanisms, of course, the products are ready to be sold and it’s all up to us, the consumers at this point, to choose between smoked or fresh meats, biscuits or crackers, tinned or fresh cod, cheese or yoghurts, chips…