Fetes and Festivals

Festivities Portugal 2019

St. Anthony, St. John, St. Peter… the saints are celebrating, and you're invited.

"St. Anthony's is over. St. Peter's is ending. St. John, St. John, Give me a balloon, for me to play(…)" - as the song says. We know you're tapping your feet already just at the thought that there's another round of popular saints' days on the way. Holidays when the streets are full of joy and people sharing local delicacies and joining in festive dances. Find the best places to eat, sleep and everything else you need to enjoy every moment of these popular festivals.

If you're thinking of going out to join in the saint's-day celebrations for only one night, we advise you to eat very well indeed in preparation for the big festival that's coming up. Of course you'll want to try the barbecued sardines and the steak sandwiches sold from vast stalls scattered throughout the city streets, but if you want to go out really well-prepared why not visit one of the pizzerias, grill houses or restaurants in the area?

We are fans of the popular festivals ourselves - that is to say, the festivals of St. John, St. Peter and St. Anthony - and we will always be right there in the front row. So let us give you some hints and tips if you want to spend a few days here - in the land where the saints themselves have their festivals. It's well worth it, believe me! The suggestion is out there, for when you need information about campsites, inns, chemist's, museums and monuments, to make the most of your stay and get to know a land that welcomes you in festive mood.

Our tradition of saints' days and popular festivals is a quintessential element of Portuguese culture. Whether in the north, the south or the centre, whether it's the festival of St. John, St. Pedro or St. Anthony, what matters is to make the most of celebrating everything these festival days have to offer: music, food, rejoicing, togetherness, joy and, of course, the blessing of the saints who give these festivals their names.

Come celebrate the Popular Festivities in Portugal in 2019!