Electro & Multimedia

Electro & Multimedia

Professional Electronic, Electrical and Communication Equipment Services

This section provides a variety of services for everything related to electronics, electrical equipment, high fidelity (hi fi) and communication and telecommunication solutions. If you find yourself increasingly surrounded by electronic equipment, its proper maintenance and safety is essential. Given this, repair and maintenance services for appliances, TVs, Computers, telephones and mobile phones may be needed when you least expect it. Imagine that a heater breaks down early in the morning ... or the fridge ... Having a professional just a call away is key.

However, we shouldn’t only be thinking about our appliances, rather about everything around us, as well as what’s outside of the home; for example all sorts of Scales, Winding and Rewinding Services (for engines, for example), Tills and POS systems, precision tools and even domotic and robotic solutions.

As the Internet is now is as useful as it is fun, imagine a day when you end up offline without an internet connection at home or in the office, your computer’s screen is blank or the printer "is on the blink." So why not take a look at our range of computer solutions?

When we least want it to happen it will, a broken hob or oven ruins a family dinner or a gathering of friends. The hoover clogs up or the television antenna gets blown down by the wind, and must be repaired by professionals. Have a look at our range of antennas, hoovers, electronic parts, appliances, video and television equipment services here. And because everything always happens at once, how about the scenario that you’re sorting out your washing machine and you start to notice a strange noise coming from your refrigerator?

If you need to replace a part, have a look at our Parts and Accessories for Appliances here. Let’s not forget heaters!

For a business or office, we also emphasise our Study and Electrical Equipment and Digital Printing services, as well as the installation of Computer Centres. We also provide information on Radiotelephones, Time Recording Clocks, Closed Circuits Televisions, Point of Sale Terminals (POS) and of course, so we can get a better night’s sleep, Alarm Systems.