Catering, Food & Agriculture

Agricultural Production and Food: Are you being served?

Let’s start with the agricultural industry; this industry requires items and equipment in order to cultivate, process and collect everything that comes from the land. Therefore, we assume that you will need a good pressure watering system, and specific machines such as cultivators, tractors and other agricultural machinery. If your area of the agricultural industry is related to cereals, research the existing mill and silo systems which best suit your needs for storing your products. If you are a butcher, or meat retailer, purchase one of the many machines for the meat industry.

After the agricultural industry, also known as the primary sector comes the food industry, where the food products produced by the agricultural industry are sold as they are or are processed and sold as foods. The services in this industry are numerous: Cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets ... in summary, every establishment which sells food and food products. Certain items of equipment are essential to the functioning of these establishments, as the food must be cooked, processed, and, of course, properly stored. Things like boilers, refrigerators, freezers, display cases, ovens, extractor fans and even ovens for baking are essential to the functioning of an establishment. Therefore, there is equipment for bakeries and pastry shops, equipment for supermarkets, for cafes, restaurants and everything else you can imagine.